Testing, Reconditioning, Repair & Overhaul of Aircraft Wire Harnesses.

ASI's dedicated Wire Harness Shop supplies aircraft wire harness testing, reconditioning, repair and overhaul to Airlines, Engine Manufacturers and Airframe manufacturers.


Douglas Aircraft Model DC-10 Wire Harness Asemblies:
CF6-6 Engine Core ASP0002-( )
CF6-6 Engine Fan ASP0003-( )
CF6-50 Engine Core ASP0501-( )
CF6-50 Engine Fan ASP0502-( )
Anti-Skid AEP9301-( )
Cargo Door AGP9114-( )
Nose Gear ACP9401-( )
CF6-6/50 Eng Gen ASP0001-( )

Boeing Aircraft Model B-727 Wire Harness Assemblies:
APU BU27-49-001-( )
JT-8 Engine Core B27-71-002-( )
JT-8 Thrust Reverser B27-78-001-( )